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Welcome to showrooms and stores for equipping of interiors.


The INTER INŽENJERING, Ltd. company was founded in Belgrade, in 1991. Our interior and furniture showrooms are known under the brand name CASA ENTERIJERI. Long lasting team experience of our interior architects and assistants are a reference for optimal solutions to our steady and new clients. In search for particular solutions we can offer a variety of high quality and exclusive goods imported from EU (wall-coverings, curtains, draperies, upholstery fabrics), as well as Ekornes furniture from Norway. In contracted projects, our professional team is at disposal to visit the site, make materials choice, take measurements and negotiate in the process of design development and construction works.

CASA enterijeri

Wall-coverings, curtains, draperies, upholstery fabrics, furniture

Gospodar Jovanova 50, Phone: 011-30-36-860, 011-30-36-861

STORE no. 1, 34 Dobračina st., entrance no.4 (from Gospodar Jovanova str., near no.50 ) ), showroom for wall-coverings, curtains, upholstery fabrics, curtain tracks&rods, also a place to get all needed information regarding the equipping of interior.

STORE no. 2, 27 Dobračina st. showroom for anatomically designed EKORNES furniture, produced in Norway.

Our clients are free to choose the level of cooperation. Namely, from site analysis and initial sketch design to developed design phases of a project and execution of works within particular segments. Our team of architects has a long-term experience in interior design. With individual client attention, your demands will be provided with adequate technical, functional and aesthetic solutions for both residential and business interiors. Also, we offer 2D graphics and 3D modeling presentations of our design, as well as consulting service in the field of Architecture and Building Construction.