Within the process of project design, special attention is paid to curtains in interiors. They have a double function: as a decoration they should complete and refine the space, but also provide privacy to its users.



Curtains and draperies play an important role in creating a cosy interior. Their design and color should match the entire style of the interior. The fabrics in our offer are imported from Italy and Germany.

When making a choice of the curtains, beside the aesthetic moment, there are other elements to consider in order to get an optimal solution. Window dimensions correlated to the surface area, the orientation of the space and amount of daylight, closeness of other objects, etc. Needs and habits of the users of the space have also to be considered. The style of equipping and space purpose dictate the choice between curtains only, or in combination with draperies. Draperies, also, can be only decorative (in fixed position) or additionally functional (in pull adjusting position).

The fiber composition of the fabric plays an important role in the choice of curtains and draperies. In our offer there are fabrics made of 100% natural materials (cotton, linen, silk), or mixed natural and synthetic fibers.

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Curtain tracks and rods

Different types of curtain tracks and rods are needed for high quality equipping of interiors. Our offer includes different models of ceiling curtain tracks, with manual pulling or with a pulling mechanism. According to the architectural features of the interior, they can be with or without an integrated mask. Also, there are decorative models suitable for particular interiors.
Modern and minimalistic interiors are ideal for sliding panels or Roman blinds. So are the offices and business interiors.

Roller blinds

A multipurpose type of curtains that can replace the blinds or Venetian blinds, designed specifically for a particular interior style. They can be hidden in a cassette or without a cassette.

Curtains sewing

Apart from choosing fabrics and colors, professional and precise sewing is also a segment of a complete interior equipping service that we offer. Clients that order fabrics for curtains, draperies, covers and decorative cushions in CASA ENTERIJERI, have this service on disposal, which highlights the entire designing process. It includes high quality imported tapes in different models, according to the desired result.

Salon Casa enterijeri je adresa na koju se uvek vraćam. Ponuda kvalitetnih materijala za opremanje enterijera po pristupačnim cenama, stručna pomoć ljubaznog osoblja, poštovanje dogovorenih termina.
Ako želite fotelju koja pruža vrhunsku udobnost i relaksira kičmu, Stressless Ekornes je pravo rešenje. Zbog cene sam malo razmišljala ali sada mislim da fotelja nije skupa imajući u vidu njenu udobnost.

FR ONE- fire retardant fabrics

Fabrics with FR ONE label have a fire retardant certificate and are required mainly for equipping of public interiors. Depending on the fabrics features, they are used as curtains, draperies, upholstery fabrics, also for decorative elements of the interior – bed covers, runners, decorative pillows, etc.