Ekornes produces exclusive anatomically designed furniture, at the same time luxurious, elegant and extravagant. We offer their modern sitting groups and chairs to rest and relax, with gliding mechanism that reclines to an almost lying position, but with ideal lumbar support.



Ekornes recliners with Stressless®Glide patented system offer ultimate comfort. Sitting in these chairs keeps body in ideal balance, regardless the position.

The system adjusts to body weight, so whichever the position is (from sitting to lying), neck and lumbar support is provided. Therefore, the advantage of these chairs is not only in the comfort they offer, but also in keeping the back in healthy position. The registered trademark Stressless® denotes comfort in which the body is relieved of stress or any other lumbar pain. The steel frame construction with flexible springs offers the body support from the neck to lower back and the lying position is activated with one single movement of the headrest. The swivel ring base with 360* rotating function makes it even more comfortable, while the footstool support for legs helps blood circulation in sitting position.

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Exceptional comfort and movement, as well as effortless 360* rotation and changing position from sitting to lying, provide ultimate rest and relaxation. Each model is available in 2 or 3 sizes, in order to meet individual demands and offer personalized comfort. There is a variety of leather types and colors.

Standard ring base is made of wood available in 7 colors, as a result – these recliners are easy to match with any interior style.

The new base ring model of the recliner – a combination of wood and metal. Apart from being innovative, this base has additional function compared to the wooden base ring. It has a tilting mechanism for flexible movement, as well as 360 degrees rotation.

There is a new EKORNES program for modern interiors of Stressless recliners with metal base ring. The design and features are identical with those in the standard models. High or low back are optional, and there is a version of the office chair.

Stressless office chairs are easy to fit both in business or residential interiors. With design and features identical to those in standard models, the only difference is in the base with wheels, providing horizontal movement.



In order to develop sitting groups equally comfortable as Stressless reclining chairs, EKORNES has incorporated this system in each seat within a unit. Having in mind the interior, customers choose between a group with high or low back, with the head and back support. Patent registered construction of the mechanism makes these groups the most comfortable ones. Various units are available to form different sitting groups, according to personal needs, as an optimal solution for a particular interior.


EKORNES program offers sitting groups with fixed backrest. They have a classic line perfect to fit matching interiors and their dimensions do not require much space.


Sit down and feel your body sink into the soft cushion of a Stressless Ergo 200 or Ergo 300 or Long Seat with subtle tilting mechanism. You will experience how the sofa adjusts to your body, providing you with a perfect sitting angle. The same will happen when lying down, only now the seat stays completely flat. Ultimate comfort built into the seat is the geniality of the ErgoAdapt system.
This unique line enables you to make your own combination of units – from 2 seat with a Long Seat to 2 corners sitting groups.
* From zero position to tilt position. The new Stressless ErgoAdapt system automatically tilts the seat as you sit down – providing the perfect degree of comfort and support.
* Lying down flat, no tilt. When you lie down on the sofa, the seat stays completely flat, offering exquisite comfort and giving you full advantage of the oversize seat.
* The Long Seat automatically tilts down, giving your legs perfect support when seated, while staying completely flat when you prefer to lie down.


In case you would like to enjoy watching TV program or a DVD movie , Stressless HOME CINEMA is an ideal solution. The number of seats, their arrangement and disposition with all the appliances, is a matter of your choice. The Stressless Plus Glide System enables an ideal reclining position of the seat, together with an anatomic head and back support. Sector units placed between seats hide a storage place for remote control, 3D glasses and other gadgets. Placed in front of the sitting group, the ottoman with sliding lids functions as storage space and a table, as well.