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Within our offer, there is a specialized program of items for equipping of hotels, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, halls and other public interiors, where high standards are to be met. It includes fire retardant fabrics, fade and wear resistant, easy to clean and maintain.

Fabrics with FR label have a fire retardant certificate required by regulations for equipping of public interiors, however, they do not lack the aesthetic quality. They comply with all international fire retardant standards. This program imported from renowned EU manufacturers is designed to meet all aesthetic, functional and financial requirements.

New generation of wall-coverings manufactured in EU with excellent features for exploitation and maintenance: ecological, fire and fade resistant, washable and easy to remove.

Fabrics with or without motifs and with versatile transparency.

There are two types of fabrics for draperies:
-standard fabrics with low transparency and with different motifs, textures and dimensions.
-BLACKOUT fabrics that are 100% opaque, regardless of their texture and color, as required by regulations for equipping of hotels.

Fabrics resistant to cigarette burns, wear and tear, as required by regulations for equipping of hotels. They are appropriate for beds, sofas, armchairs, chairs, decorative covers, runners and pillows.