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There are not many elements in interior design that can contribute to the harmony of the space as much as the walls.

The wrapping of your space has a dominant role in creating an atmosphere.

Wallcoverings are an ideal way to create the desired ambience in your home or office. Not only are they a simple and quick way to decorate, but also to effectively refresh any interior (space). Whether you are looking for a subtle effect, glamorous or a dramatic design, our wallcoverings shall captivate your living or business space.

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Our interior design story started three decades ago, under the company name of Inter Inženjering. Since 1991, the mission of our business has remained the same – to create authentic spaces that you will be proud of.  The Casa Enterijeri brand rests and is built on a solid foundation of professionalism. Our team of architects, with many years of experience, can give an answer to every question of yours, and resolve all your doubts.

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Just like in everyday life, in interiors too, there are factors that give the crucial touch. Whether in offices or family homes, curtains are the ones that make the difference. Being a house of good taste, throughout the years we have become a synonym for the interior showroom with impeccable offer of curtains and draperies.

Inventive prints, luxurious fabrics, curtains that bring the elegant sensation or a moment of originality – all of these in our common mission, to provide you with exactly the interior that you have always wanted.

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The details in a space are the essential finesses that make a big difference. Furniture fabrics, as well as upholstering of furniture, are the final touch in interior design.

If we consider the spaces in which we work and live not only as an environment, but also as set design in which our business and family lives take place – the draperies, bedcovers and decorative pillows are important accessories for decoration. We offer a wide range of furniture upholstery diverse in colors, patterns, as well as the fiber composition.

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When furnishing a living or business space, furniture is an inevitable element that creates dynamics of the interior.

Harmonized not only with aesthetics, but also with the needs of every individual, it dictates the design and the overall impression. Whether you are a minimalist, or love glamor and elegance, with us you will create a space to remember.

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