It seems no matter how hard we try, there is never quite enough time to balance work, life and leisure time.

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The Scandinavian life philosophy, design and comfort have brought a new dimension to the world of furniture, together with the Ekornes brand. Our days are packed with tasks that life invariably brings. It seems no matter how hard we try, there is never quite enough time to balance work, life and leisure time.

We are overwhelmed with daily duties, we work longer than ever before and constant pressures make us feel exhausted and tired.

Relaxation is essential for overall well-being, but if we don’t plan it ahead, we might easily miss it. Ekornes Stressless furniture offers exquisite support for the whole body. It is perfectly balanced, and the seats are evenly covered with high-quality materials. Ultimate sensation of comfort enables perfect relaxation from head to toe – as if you were floating in the air.


Najvažnija je da Vam se svidi fotelja i da se u njoj osećate komforno

To help you find the right armchair, we now offer more options than ever before. The most important thing is, not only that you like the armchair, but that you feel comfortable in it. That is why most models are produced in two or three sizes. The differences in size can only be felt, not seen, which means that you can arrange armchairs of different sizes, side by side. There is a wide range of bases, wood finishes, quality leathers and fabrics from the collections, so you can create the armchair of your dreams.

The patented Stressless®Glide system is designed to give you the ideal balance. Adjust it to your weight and the armchair will follow your every move. So simple and comfortable!

Style and comfort are individual concepts in today’s world. It is quite natural that we all have different needs. Four different bases are available for our armchairs – Classic, Signature, Star and Office base. Most Classic and Signature chairs and armchairs come in S, M and L sizes.

You can easily and quickly turn Stressless armchairs with a Classic base into an office chair with the addition of a computer table mounted on the armchair. Provides a firm and stable workspace directly above your lap. Once you finish with work, simply swing the table aside and fold it down alongside the recliner.

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Office chairs

Under current living conditions, when more and more of us work from home, it is important to have a chair that you can rely on, as an ally in the preservation of your health and your back.

Stressless office chairs are easy to fit into both office and living space. Having the same construction and functions as other Stressless armchairs, the difference is only in the base with wheels which allow easy horizontal movement.

In addition, these chairs are renowned for their completely anatomical design, created and based on innovative knowledge of anatomy and the science of comfort. The design itself supports your back from the neck to the lumbar region.

Radna stolica, saveznik za očuvanje vašeg zdravlja i leđa.
Office chairs in the interior
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When buying a new sofa, many people start with the design, color, or choice of fabrics. Aesthetics are important, but great design is much more than what meets the eye. Stressless furniture goes deeper than the superficial understanding of design.

Our focus is on functionality and comfort, as well as on style. What is important is that the sofa adapts to you and contributes to the feeling of complete well-being. This is what makes the difference between a good and an exquisite sofa.

Stressless sofas with Plus system have the same properties as Stressless armchairs, except for the 360* swivel. The sliders are located between the seats.

The Stressless ErgoAdapt system automatically tilts the seat when you sit in the sofa.

It provides perfect comfort and ideal support to the body at all times. When lying down, the seat is flat. This gives the best possible comfort and makes full use of the depth of the seat.

With the BalanceAdapt system, the sitting angle automatically adjusts to every movement of your body. It’s all about finding the right balance, from head to toe, without the use of levers or handles. The subtle and soft rocking motion enhances your comfort in any position, allowing even better adjustment of the sitting angle.

Stressless gives you the opportunity to design your own style. Choose among three different armrests, optional headrests and configurations that fit your home.

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Home cinema, imate mogućnost da uživate u bioskopskom iskustvu.

Home Cinema

Imagine a situation where you have the opportunity to enjoy a cinematic experience at  home. The good news is that such an idea is not an impossible project for your living space. At Ekornes, they also thought of this need of yours.

Select the number of seats you desire and define how to place them to match your room, audio system and TV screens. Home cinema seats with the patented Stressless Plus or Glide system let you recline the seats and anatomically adjust the headrest and lumbar support for perfect comfort. The sector armrests placed between the seats have storage space for remote controls, 3D glasses and the like. In front of the home cinema set you can place an ottoman that extends and can also have the function of a table.

Home cinema offer

Dining rooms

The dining room has never been just a dining area at home. It is a place to make family moments, enjoy the company of friends, and have unforgettable days that make life more beautiful.

Dining rooms, due to new circumstances, often change their role and become a temporary home office.

Design your ideal chair for dining or for work by choosing the right model of Stressless chair. All dining or work chairs have a balancing and sliding function. During a longer meal, you can change the sitting position, which provides greater comfort. The backrest can be easily tilted as the seat automatically moves forward. This gives an open and comfortable sitting position after a meal. The flexibility of a seat increases the comfort of high or low back chairs. There is a convenience of choosing between different leg options and armrests.

To make the dining room even more comfortable, we also have designed Stressless dining sofas.

Trpezarija, mesto porodičnih momenata, druženja sa prijateljima i nezaboravih dana koji čine život lepšim.
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Prateći nameštaj za prostor za uživanje i opuštanje.


As innovators of comfort and functionality, Ekornes range includes additional practical accessories to complete your Stressless armchair or sofa. Made of wood or glass in combination with metal, they will turn your living room into a space to enjoy and relax. Computer tables, dining and club tables and ottomans are designed to follow the quality and comfort of the entire Stressless program of the Ekornes brand.

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