High technology – easy maintenance.

CLEAN ACTIVE – Actively clean – upholstery fabric as it should be!

High technology upholstery fabrics

Active Line is specially produced, modern upholstery fabrics series. Easy to maintain, very practical, with attractive look and feel and available in many different colors. Active Line upholstery fabrics are applicable in various situations and conditions and are rigorously quality controlled.


Quality with Certificate

ACTIVE LINE – a modern line of specially manufactured fabrics, practical, with attractive appearance, in a wide palette of colors. There are different aspects of using this line of products, the quality of which is constantly controlled. The entire collection complies with the OEKO-TEX standards 100 and German furniture control standard.
These fabrics are easy to maintain, water, oil and stain repellent, most of the stains are easy removed with damp cloth. They are breathable, anti bacterial, with a variety of textures and colors, their soft and cozy surfaces suitable for different demands and styles of equipping.

Cleaning and care instructions

In order to keep our clients satisfied with the fabrics, we recommend:

Just as any other type used on daily basis, the upholstery fabrics require regular maintenance. Frequent vacuuming, with special brush attachment, removes the dust and keeps it from settling deeper. Any stain should be treated immediately, before it dries, i.e. with a gentle touch from outside toward the center so that it does not spread, carefully blotting up with absorbing cloth (paper or cotton towel), finally with a dry cloth. Heavy stains (ketchup or chocolate cream, etc.) should be carefully removed with a dull tool (e.g. spoon), then treated with a damp cloth. Dry stains are first to be brushed off, then treated with damp cloth. If necessary, they could be treated with mild detergent solution.

Heavy household cleaning products are not allowed. In this case we are not responsible for damages caused by faulty maintenance.