The progress in manufacturing of decorative fabrics offers a great variety of texture, fiber composition and application

Upholstery fabrics are decorative materials, diverse in fiber composition, manufacturing technology and weight. Based on their features, they are used for different purposes.

The progress in manufacturing of decorative fabrics offers a great variety of texture, fiber composition and application.

These materials are mostly used as upholstery fabrics or furniture covers, to decorate as well as to protect the furniture. Their type, design and fiber composition are chosen depending on the purpose of the final product.

Upholstery fabrics are used for decorative interior elements, such as pillows, runners, covers.

Upholstery and furniture fabrics

Apart from aesthetic properties of the fabrics, other features are of great importance, too. The quality of upholstery fabrics depends on their type, fiber composition, as well as certificates proving specific benefits.

These fabrics are mostly made of cotton, linen, viscose or mixed (blended) fibers.

Fibers made of pure silk or other fibers blended with silk are used for the period furniture.

Whether our clients prefer classic design or modern approach to interior design, we are at disposal to offer and find an ideal solution for any space.

Above all, our fabrics are easy to maintain.

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Health-safe fabrics

Collections of fabrics with special antibacterial coating are an important element of everyday life. Such a treatment of fabrics provides a sense of security for living in a healthy environment and choosing the best for a home.

Fire retardant fabrics:

When making the right fabric choice, certain features are of great importance, such as tear and fade resistance, as well as fire resistance and easy maintaining.

Some upholstery fabrics are outdoor fabrics, suitable for gardens, patios or for pool furniture.

We offer a variety of fabrics with different properties, also special materials resistant to stains, and Teflon-water repellent materials.

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Period furniture and silk

We would like to emphasize the special choice of upholstery materials that we have in our offer, ideal for decoration of period furniture, together with elegant silk – the Queen of all fabrics.

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