They are a unique solution
for your space and walls

Contemporary interior trends impose wallcoverings as backbone of successful design, an imperative when considering captivating spaces. They are a unique solution for your space and walls, demanding no big, laborious construction works. Specific design, authentic prints and inevitable glamorous effect adorn the wallcoverings from our showroom.

Things to know about wallcoverings

Whether you like modern or classic design, we offer a large selection of wallcovering for your refined taste. The Casa Enterijeri showroom offer is a choice that represents a new generation of wall coverings manufactured in the European Union, with excellent maintenance properties. The effects achieved with wallcoverings in a short time are noticeable and intense, and therefore have a wide application in equipping of spaces for various purposes: private buildings, hotels and restaurants, business premises, also spaces where children stay.

A novelty in the world of interiors are decorative panels in form of wallcoverings. These panels have a texture that appears like fabric when they are hung on the wall. They are ideal for imaginative interiors, widely accepted by those who are creative and expect something more.

Key features of our wallcoverings: they are eco-friendly, fire retardant, fade resistant, washable and easily removable. A diverse price range within the class of renowned wallcovering manufacturers is specific for our house of unique interiors.

Should the wall be specially prepared for hanging wallcoverings?2021-05-07T14:23:52+02:00

No, there is no need for any special preparation. It is only necessary that the wall is smoothed.

Is the wallcovering adhesive harmful?2021-05-07T14:22:24+02:00

No, the adhesive is based on natural resins, innoxious, odorless.

Can the wallcoverings damage the walls after removing them?2021-05-07T14:18:01+02:00

Removing of our wallcoverings does not damage the walls in case they were prepared, smoothed or painted, without visible damage.

Is installing wallcoverings time consuming?2021-05-07T14:14:51+02:00

No, it is not. If the wallcoverings are hung on just one wall, as a detail, it takes a day. If they are hung on all walls it might take several days.

Our offer:

We are always in position to offer first class wallcoverings on sale, with the same properties as in the rest of our offer, but in limited quantities.

Carefully chosen manufacturers and wide range of wallcoverings are basics of our offer.

Our stock of promptly available wallcoverings is large, we are also in position to recommend the best handymen service that completes our offer.

Download Wallcovering collection PDF catalogue:

Ekornes je nameštaj sa neuporedivom udobnošću.


It is a good choice to have the wallcoverings installed by a qualified handyman. The full potential of a chosen wallcovering in an interior, as well as the achieved impression, greatly depend on properly hung wallcovering.

Clients interested in our services have the possibility of choosing the level of collaboration. Namely, from site visiting and offering design solution, to design development and execution of interior works.

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