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Curtains and Draperies

They are the foundation for a cosy atmosphere in an interior.

Curtains are the element that most certainly bring warmth into an interior. Luxury and noble effect – this is how curtains can contribute to a space. Interiors that breathe, have unique energy and style rhythm, owe it to the details in which curtains play the major role. They are the foundation for a cosy atmosphere in an interior. Curtains have a dual function, to complete and refine the appearance of the entire interior as a decorative element, also to provide privacy to the users of a space by preventing views from outside.

Do you also offer non-flammable fabrics?2021-05-07T13:41:59+02:00

Yes, we do have non-flammable fabrics in our offer, as well as those suitable for block out and sound-proof curtains.

How to maintain curtains?2021-05-07T13:41:04+02:00

All curtains are machine-maintained and with certain fabrics you get curtain care guide. If they are washed properly, the feature of these fabrics is that they do not need to be ironed, which makes them easy to maintain.

Do you have curtain rails and rods in your offer?2021-05-07T13:40:01+02:00

We have several models of ceiling track rails with manual pulling of curtains or with a pulling mechanism. In interiors where masks are designed, an appropriate type of rails is mounted, and for interiors that do not have this option, we have curtain rails with an integrated mask. The second type are decorative curtain rods which are, depending on the design, intended for certain interiors.

Can you help me choose and give a suggestion?2021-05-07T13:39:09+02:00

Of course, our clients always get our full attention. We shall give you a proposal in accordance with the characteristics of the space and your style.

How can I know the needed dimensions of a curtain?2021-05-07T13:39:03+02:00

You absolutely do not have to know, that is why we are here. We will come to your address and take the measurements on the spot.

Our offer

Our offer includes first class fabrics from renowned EU manufacturers.

Fiber composition is one of criteria when choosing curtains and draperies.  We offer curtains and draperies made of 100% natural materials (cotton, linen, silk), or a blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

Download a PDF catalogue:

Paneli i rolo zavese

Panels and roller blinds

Please download PDF catalogue:

Panels and roller blinds catalogue

Curtain rails

Please download PDF catalogue:

Curtain rails catalogue
Manuelne i garnišne i sa mehanizmom za povlačenje


The essence of our offer is that with us, with every product, you can get a top service that gives you a complete user experience. From measuring directly in your space, through design proposals to sewing and installation. With us, your curtains are in good hands.

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